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Sunday, June 05, 2005

2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano's Links by me

This is a list I've prepared for those who come to one link and desire to find more information:
Washington Times article about 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano, Feb. 12, 2005 Mom Defends Her Marine Son Feb. 12, 2005
Second Lt Pantano's Biography Feb. 13, 2005
More on 2nd Lt Pantano Feb. 14, 2005
Update: 2nd Lt Pantano Feb. 15, 2005
Numbers Feb. 16, 2005
Update 2: 2nd Lt Ilario Pantano Feb. 19, 2005
Update: Lt Ilario Pantano March 9, 2005
Congressman to Defend 2nd Lt Ilario Pantano March 18, 2005
2nd Lt Pantano's Article 32 Tomorrow April 25, 2005
Pantano's Trial April 30, 2005
2nd Lt Ilario Pantano May 2, 2005
Impatiently Waiting News About Lt Pantano May 10, 2005
Recommendation has been Given to Maj. General Huck May 14, 2005
Breaking News 2nd Lt Not Charged May 26, 2005
2nd Lt Ilario Pantano Resigns June 3, 2005