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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Second Lt. Pantano's Biography

Okay. So what? He's just another Marine. There's more where he came from, right? I will let you decide for yourself. BTW, each and everyone of these men is a unique individual who chose to defend YOU. Please keep that in mind. Here is his biography. It is 4 pages long in pdf form. I think you will be enlightened and heartened. Please, help me spread the word of the injustice that is happening to this 33 year old Marine.

Write about it in your blog. Encourage others to blog about this. Write letters to Congress, the Senate, and President Bush. I emplore you to be polite. Encourage your readers to call their people in Washington at toll free (877) 762-8762. Call the Dept. of Defense at (703) 428-0711. If this is a wrong number (because I didn't have pen in hand when I heard it!), then the operator at the previous number can guide you. Keep the fire burning underneath their feet.

Ask questions such as, "Why is General Richard Huck pressing charges when, at the time of the incident, it was investigated and cleared? Why did you let him stay in the field and only bring charges upon his being on USA soil? This happened in April 2004. Why did you wait until February 1, 2005? I'm sure you can come up with a few of your own. Some you may even have to hold you toungue!

I appreciate all the help you can give this fine Marine. If he is guilty of anything, it is political (in)correctness-and that is wrong. We must stop it now. If we don't, we are telling the enemy that even though we are killing you, we are going to kill the people who kill you. All you have to do is wait. Pretty soon, we won't have any people left that are willing to pick up arms to defend this blessed country. You have to kill me first, though.

Update: I have made a list of links of my articles for those who would like more information on 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano.