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Friday, March 18, 2005

Congressman to Defend 2nd. Lt. Ilario Pantano

At 6:30 pm Thursay, March 17, 2005, Congressman Walter Jones joined Michael Savage on his radio program to speak about bill HB 167. This bill can be read here. (Thank you, Michael.)

The Congressman finds that the charges should be dropped against 2nd Lt. Pantano. He is an American Hero, declared Mr. Jones. He is urging us to call our Congresspeople and get them to support his bill. He also wants us to read his 3 page bill which I have provided in the first paragraph.

He does not agree with the beaurocrats in the Marines that 2nd Lt. Pantano should be in the position he has found himself. He is not sure any Serviceperson should, unless they have committed an obvious crime. After his fitness report-3 months after the incident-he was recommended for a promotion.

He is very concerned about morale and second guessing. He doesn't want our fighting men and women to be subject to arbitrary charges when they return home. He doesn't want them to second guess their actions. If they do, they could die.

Congressman Jones has spoken with Mrs. Pantano, 2nd Lt. Pantano's Mother. He considers her to be a very nice lady. Everything the Congressman has said I happen to agree with, yet these are his words alone.

Congressman Jones is going to fax a copy of this bill and a letter letter which he had written to the President. He will meet with him sometime next week. For an interview with Congressman Jones, please contact Kristen Quigley at (202) 225-3415.

UPDATE: There is more written here. I hope this will cheer you up. It did me.

Update: I have made a list of links of my articles for those who would like more information on 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano.