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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Pantano's Trial

Coburn abruptly left the stand Wednesday when he was told he was suspected of violating orders forbidding him from giving interviews about the case. He told Marine officials he wouldn't return unless he was granted immunity from prosecution, and came back briefly yesterday only to invoke his right to avoid incriminating himself. [read more]
Interesting. When the next day came, Sgt. Coburn was quick to take the 5th. He would not speak if he could not get a deal of immunity from prosecution for speaking to the press (which he was ordered not to do.) He is also the person who ratted on 2nd Lt. Pantano. I smell a huge dophin sized fish, and it is rotted with maggots in it.

This puts Mr. Gittins, Pantano's civil lawyer, in an unwarrantable position. He has the right to face his accusers. As it is, Mr. Gittins may not be able to cross examine Coburn.

What are they planning on doing about this? The prosecutor wants to submit the written statement they already have prepared without any cross-examination. NO. Stand up and be a man.

Please say a pray for 2nd Lt. Pantano's family and him. Grant them strength, peace, and hope. I will keep you posted as the information comes. Thank you, and have a good day.

Update: I have made a list of links of my articles for those who would like more information on 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano.