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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Did sKerry & Hairy tell Casey to shut down Milbloggers?

OPSEC ordered Milblogs to be scrutinized by their superiors before being posted for content on April 19, 2007. What happened around 4/19? There are three separate events that took place.

First, Pelosi went to Syria without permission in order to embarrass the president and destroy our foreign policy. I wrote about this on the 5/1 and published a cartoon on 4/16, but Farid Ghadry wrote about this on April 5th. CounterTerrorismBlog beat us all to the punch with this article: Now let's get serious about Syran and Congress. (I wrote that, but I give the link to the article.)

Second, Reid claimed that our troops were losing. USN Lt. Nichols wrote a letter to Reid. This was on the 21 of April. In order to have written that letter and sent it, it must have taken more than two days. Therefore I am concluding that Hairy made that statement that 'We have lost' the war in Iraq before the 19 of April. Crotchety Old Bastard also graced us with his everlasting wit about Reid.

Last but not least, there is the issue of allowing the Islamists to get their word out while shutting down the moderate Muslim with OUR tax dollars. Ask Frank Gaffney how that went over. (This was written 4/10.) I know I was calling, and I made myself perfectly clear that they were standing in the way of progress in this war of ideas.

We must all stand together, no matter what your views on this world wide war. Censorship is wrong no matter it is found.

The troops already know their perimeters, so what they are trying to do is to be politically correct. They are now trying to shut down any debate in the ranks, while it is still popular to call our president Hitler. Maybe if politicians had to live by the same rules they wish to impose on the rest of us...never happen!

I'm sure there are many who can put their words together much better than I when angry, but I must remember, with faith, the power of You and Me! Call your congressperson and senators toll free at 866-340-9281 and POLITELY give them a piece of your mind. Let's get this thing turned around!

UPDATE: OMG! I was so upset I forgot to let you know where I found out about this. Over at Blackfive's, there are many sites that are already commenting and writing about this. Please go over there and see for yourself. I'm sure they did a better job than I.

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