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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Open letter to Reid by LT Nichols, USN, MNF-I, Baghdad

Below is a letter that was sent to Sen. Reid after his comment that the war in Iraq was lost. I cannot add a thing to it.

The following letter was written by Lt. Jason Nichols, a Naval officer who is currently serving in Baghdad. He is also the head of Appeal for Courage, a group of American active duty and reserve service personnel who are appealing to Congress to stay and finish the war.
...To be brief, your words are killing us. Your statements make the Iraqis afraid to help us for fear we’ll leave them unprotected in the future. They don’t report a cache, and its weapons blow up my friends in a convoy. They don’t report a foreign fighter, and that fighter sends a mortar onto my base. Your statements are noticed, and they have an effect. ... [Continue reading.]
Please write to your own Senators and Congressperson. This must be answered. Thank you.

Update: My friend, Nathan Bradfield, has an open trackback every weekend. He was kind enough to allow me to share a link back to this article, and I forgot to mention him! How rude! Please, when you trackback to anyone, use the proper etiquette and mention them in your post!

His trackback for this past weekend is here. He has a wonderful site all week as well! Please check out his writings. He is a very talented Christian man. (BE POLITE!)

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