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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pelosi Effect: Pro-Democracy groups in ME hunted

After Ms. Pelosi visited Syria against President Bush' 'wishes', they, the murderous dictators, went back to their old selves because they believe there is no longer any pressure coming from America. They believe they can censor, torture, arrest for no reason just as long as you say ANYTHING against your government, and more.

Ms. Pelosi, why? Why would you want to give our enemies that thought? Why would you deny civil, human, and womens' rights to others? You know the kind. The kind you are celebrating for being speaker of the house. Who are you that you can do this to the years these brave young activists have fought and achieved some headway, until you come along and destroy it all? Who in the HECK are you and just who do you think you are?

My fellow Americans, please do not take my word alone about this. I am heartbroken and angry. I believe you would be better served if you were to hear it from the mouth of someone who is actually living there.

His name is Sandmonkey, and Atlas Shrug has interviewed him. You decide for yourself, but please. Put yourself in his shoes, then open your mind before reading and listening to the interview. Thank you.

Hat tip: LGF.

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