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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PBS used tax $$$ to create a show they will not air: Islam v. Islamists

Mr. Frank Gaffney of Center for Security Policy has created a remarkable documentary, so I hear, but PBS is now refusing to air it. Why? Because they 'say' that it has been created by someone with an agenda (unlike PBS?). While Frank is the President and CEO of the Center, this project was in no way connected to said Center.

You must read the dilemma that has come to the light, and what we can do about the censorship that PBS is trying to use against these moderate Muslims. It is truly a disgrace and it is, at best, a useless waste of our tax dollars.

This documentary went through many screenings and hundreds of other applicants before reaching its final version. The truth of the matter is this. The public broadcasting system does not want the American people to see the truth behind the Islamists, and they do not want to give the moderate Muslims who want to take their religion back a voice. It is almost as if CAIR is running the show...and if they are, we have more problems than those of which we are aware.

The proof, evidence if you will, is right here that the show was to air. Why won't they allow someone else to air it, and what are they hiding?

Read the e-mail I received with the information here. I will have the number and name later.

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