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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're not a land of 'immigrants', we're AMERICANS

I am getting so tired of being referred to as an immigrant. I am 1/2 Mohawk and 1/2 Armenian. I know absolutely NO Armenian. For that matter, I know absolutely no Mohigan either. I am still proud to be what I am. It is nice to know where I came from, but to that extent is all I am? NO!

I am a true-blue blooded American. When the census comes around and they ask me for my race, I put down 'other' and write in, "American."

We are tearing ourselves apart with this multiculturism. How can be 'united' when we do not share the same history, the same language, the same memories, the same heroes, the same holidays, the same philosophies, the same attitudes toward Capitalism and the same goals?

Of course they are each individual. Of course they can be viewed in different hues. But how can they viewed at all when we do not communicate WITH each other instead of AT each other? We are talking past one another, and we cannot solve anything this way.

If you want to discuss illegal aliens, why don't you try looking at it through the lenses of an American? Oh, you are American? Okay, then why do you want to live in a country without Sovereignty?

Do you realize this is only another way to enslave people with government approval? You don't think so? Then you, my friend, have no idea what is really happening in the illegal alien trade. These people are brought here by businesses who pay them maybe a dollar per day or per hour if they're lucky. Some only get paid by what they produce.

This is not to mention the women whom are brought here as sex slaves. They will kill you if you try to escape. What do I mean, 'women.' I meant, 'girls.' If you ever have your daughter stolen, she may just be someone's sex slave who makes lots of money for him. So don't worry about, right?

What are their safety procedures? Forget it. There are none. Can they leave if they like? You are really pulling my string, right? They do not have anything that resembles human rights, with the blessing of our government as it stands.

So what should we do? ENFORCE THE LAWS. We already have laws against slavery. We already have laws against hiring illegal aliens. We already have laws about being in this country illegally. What in God's name is so hard about that?

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