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Monday, May 28, 2007

Blogger sued by muslim terrorist

Atlas Shrugg has a very scary and provocative post entitled, "Blogger Sued for Publishing Stories About Muslims linked to Terror". This is one article I am recommending to everyone. It can affect every blogger, newspaper, TV news channels and our entire free speech right. After all, it was given to us by God, and it was sanctified in the 1st Amendment.

How did they get the injunction? There are several judges that believe they are the final arbiters of the constitution! We must seek them out and impeach them if they will not leave the bench. Any judge that is not aware that there is a first amendment, does not need to be on the bench of any district in the USA.

Go read it. It was done very well. I checked the links, and it backs up everything said. After all, truth is an absolute defense. My God, what are coming to?

Update: I found the lawyers and address of this law firm defending them from a commenter by the name of Fight4TheRight. (Thank you!)

This is one way we can let these people know just who they're dealing with and what happens when they do. We don't go away either!

The McIntyre Law Firm, P.L.
Address: 6987 East Fowler Avenue
Temple Terrace, FL 33617

Phone: (813) 899-6059
(813) 785-9073 (Cell#)

Fax: (813) 899-6069

Baruch, Jason H.
Deese, Dustin D.
McIntyre, Richard J.

Update: There is an update about this here. Needful to say, they dropped the lawsuit. You go, Lady! (Atlas Shrugs)

H/t: Sherry.

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