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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jihadists drop lawsuit against bloggers

This is a follow-up from the article I wrote Monday.

Atlas Shrugs brings us this very good news:
Islamic Society of Boston Drops Litigation Jihad!

YES! Score one for the good (the exceedinglyn good guys) Those Islamic thugs in Boston have dropped their lawsuit against David Project, Concerned Citizens, Boston Herald and Fox! Wonderful news. I am sure Jacobs, Emerson et al were exposing truths about the Islamic dirty deals that they did not want to be made public. Of this I am sure. But the truth seekers over at The David Project will continue their lawsuit To force disclosure of evidence on Boston Redevelopment Authority-Islamic Society Land Deal. Charles Jacobs just sent me this announcement. [Continue reading by clicking the title.]
Thank you everyone for your phone calls, your prayers, and your voices. It is going to take a helluva lot of them to shut us up. It will take even more to defeat us. They've only messed with the spineless politicians. Let 'em mess with some REAL Americans!

Update: CounterTerrorismBlog has a good article Wednesday about this also. Douglas Farah usually does.

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