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Friday, April 20, 2007

Stop the politics at the waters edge. We are at war

To whom it may concern,

First allow me to acknowledge that I know none of you politicians give a damn. I get it. However I am going to make my plea and my case here. In this fashion, the rest of us are able to voice our opinions.

Since before this war began, I am referring to the whole war-not just one theatre, you have been calling it a quagmire. I remember when you did so in Afghanistan. You said we could not do what the Communist USSR could not do. I'm glad to see how much faith you have in your own country's ability to defend herself. Not.

Then there were the so-called pre-war protests. Then the anti-Bush protests. Never was there an actual pre-war protest that did not have the interests of our enemies involved with them, and you fell for it. How sad of a human being you are.

Now you are acting like the French. Let me revise that. At least the French are not putting up their white flags this time. How much of a coward can you be to be less than the French?

You have been beating the same drum since your inception. You have not even changed a word. You are so familiar and so stale.

You also know that if you repeat your big lies often enough, people that do not know anything about that topic will start to believe you. Great. You have given Stalin what he never could have gain on his own. Oh, what useless idiots you are!

Now. When our men and women go to war to defend our country, our lives, our way of life; shut up. We have only one commander-in-chief, and you are not he. You have every opportunity you need at your fingertips to speak to him. Do not express your weakness of fear to the enemy. It is not you who will pay the price for your reckless disregard of our troops, but it is you whose hands will be stained with our blood. Al-Jazeera will make sure of that.

I do not know why we are not following the Constitution and throwing you in prison for treason. It very well could be due to the idiot AG who is giving his testimony today about how much he does not know. What a terrible shame.

Why do you tell the media not to show our successes? Why do you not allow us to participate in this war? Why do you continue to give our secrets to the New York Times? Why are they not in prison for aiding and abetting our enemies?

Just a few questions the AMERICAN PEOPLE are asking. Oh, I know you have the big mouths. I know they get most of the attention. That is because you agree with them, and you are using them as a surrogate.

A word to wise, if there are any to be found, in the Democrat party. (Republican Party, too.) You did not win this election based on anything for which you ran. Many of us did not bother fighting for either party because we are AMERICANS, and we want you to start acting like it as well. We want this politicizing the Global War on Terrorism stopped. Now.

What has caused my ire? Iraq war 'lost' says top Democrat by al-Jazeera.

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