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Sunday, March 25, 2007

News from Darfur, Sudan

There is an article by the name of "Soldiers bar U.N. official from Darfur refugee camp. In this article, they discuss the fact that al-Bashir, president of Sudan, refuses to allow the UN Inspector into Darfur to check out complaints of more genocide.

Now that they have refused them entry, there comes another article about China, Russia; Arab, Muslim states object to Darfur report. They claim that since they did not actually witness the genocide, therefore the report is unfair.

I have an idea. Why don't we start torturing every prisoner at Gitmo and refuse everyone entrance? Why don't we bomb Mecca? We could always say it was not us.

Ah, but there is quite a difference between them and us, and that difference is the reason why it is time to close down the UN. They can longer serve their original purpose: PREVENT/STOP GENOCIDE. We do NOT do these things because we are civilized.

I am afraid we have become SO civilized that we have forgotten how to fight...

For the links above: If they do not work, try this one for the UN officials barred and this one for the arrogant scum who wish the people in Darfur to be wiped off the map.

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