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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Unbelievable-Witness says wrongful shooting

In the USA Today, Navy Corpsman George Gobles claims 2nd Lt. Pantano had no reason to shoot the two Iraqis in the back. First, he didn't shoot them in the back. Second, he wasn't there to see. Third, why did he wait until he got back to the states instead of speaking up at the time the inquiry was taking place when it happened?

This was on Wednesday, the second day of the Article 32 hearings. USA Today claims this is like a grand jury. I am under the impression he waived the hearing, and wanted to go straight to the Article 32. Maybe it's just symantics. However, this is what Mr. Gobles said:
Asked by a prosecutor if he believed the Iraqis' actions merited a self-defense shooting, Gobles said: "Myself, I didn't see anything."

Under cross-examination by a defense lawyer, Maj. Phil Stackhouse, Gobles said he felt Pantano was a strong leader.

"I just felt a sense of security when a situation arose, I knew he would be able to take care of it," Gobles said. "I felt the safest with this platoon more than any other platoon in our company, more than anything because of Lt. Pantano and his leadership."

Gobles also said Pantano went out of his way to interact with Iraqi civilians. "They felt he was a friend," he said.
Self defense? We are at war, aren't we? They are trying to kill us everyday. These two, in particular, were found running away from the terrorist's hide-out. They were warned. What was left to do?

I am truly confused. Why is there an Article 32 hearing? Why have the top of the line decided to destroy this man's career? Unbelievable.

Update: Blackfive has more information from the NYTimes that ran yesterday. Sorry, but I don't go there! lol. Also, there is another fact that I have taken for granted. I keep thinking everyone knew already Lt. Pantano called to the men in both English and Arabic to stop.

A little rehash: Lt. Pantano took his troops on a raid of a terrorist hide-out. Two men ran out of the house. This was April 15, 2004. (I guess tax day is not good for anyone!) You can find his charges (which include what happened that day, sort of) from a story I wrote earlier.

Don't forget about his Mom who is keeping up the Defend the Defenders site. Read this. See who you believe. You never may need it with this politically correct crowd. Protect yourself. Godspeed.

Update: I have written an update here.