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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Whirlpool plays dirty

I really am getting angry about the way they are treating my friends, Mr. Danny and Mrs. Linda. I was just over at his site to get Linda's URL (I can't find it, I misplaced it), and I saw this. I thought I was angry before!

Please be patient with me. I do not like it when good people are taken advantage of, nor do I like it when anyone is in that situation. This is a very bad situation, and it needs to be told. Whirlpool, you want to treat people like machines to tossed out when they no longer serve your purpose or cause you discomfort? You are going to pay for what you have done. I will see to this! If I have to post everyday from now 'til hell freezes over...
The short version (emergency appeal to bloggers).

My wife an attractive 40-year-old was fired from her job, based solely on the accusation from her 50-year-old supervisor that she had sexually harassed him. This supervisor had already made an inappropriate comment toward my wife, and has before had an affair with a married woman under his authority. Because sexual harassment is considered "gross misconduct" our health insurance was terminated immediately. We, however, were not informed of this until today, two weeks later, when we called to arrange for COBRA payments. We have two children with a rare congenital condition which requires frequent doctor visits and daily medication. because of their condition, one of us had to stay home. Linda got the insurance, so I became Mr. Mom. This can be a very serious condition, Our little girl had to be rushed to the emergency room just three weeks ago, simply from wearing herself out on a sleepover at a friend's house.

We are making an appeal to raise funds to cover medical expenses for our children until we can either resolve this, or find insurance, and with serious pre-existing conditions, that won't be easy. We've already had to miss labs requested by their pediatric endocrinologist because of uncertainty about our health insurance. At the top of the page, in the sidebar is a donation button where you can assist via PayPal. [Please continue reading.]
Please call Whirlpool and let them know where you stand.
    Whirlpool Tulsa
    : (918) 274-6000 (leave a message for Jim Gifford)

    Whirlpool Corporation: Phone: (269) 923-5000
    Internet: Whirlpool Corp. Contact.
We must overcome this injustice. This is outrageous. How far back is NOW willing to let women fall just because they hate President Bush? Whirlpool would never have behaved in this manner, I do believe, if NOW had been active defending women instead of bashing men...

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