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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Below is an e-mail I received today and signed. I would appreciate it if you would do the same. Have a nice day.

Thank you for standing up for real border security. Together, we won the first battle on amnesty – a victory achieved by the strength of grassroots activism like yours.

The battle is not over. Last week, Senator Harry Reid announced that the amnesty bill will return to the Senate floor for a new round of votes. Now is the time for action – the voices of those opposed to amnesty must be heard, so we can finish Ted Kennedy’s amnesty plan once and for all.

Take Action Against Amnesty Now – Ask Five of Your Friends to Sign the Petition at

America’s insecure borders are an enormous threat to our national security – a liability we can not afford in the struggle against gang violence on our streets or in the Global War on Terror.

Together, if we can reach 20,000 signatures on the petition, then we will take our message to the airwaves with radio ads on the immigration bill. We can reach this goal. Ask your friends, colleagues, and family to sign the petition at

History is largely defined by a handful of decisions made at critical moments. This is one such time. The course our nation takes during this border security debate will shape the course of America for a generation. We must preserve the rule of law and we must build real border security.


P.S. Support like yours made victory in the first round possible. Now, help stop reckless amnesty once and for all, by getting five of your friends to sign the petition at

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