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Friday, June 08, 2007

JVERITAS: Iraqi documents translated

I have been busy bringing all the links I had put into a 'Link' category back onto my homepage. I have realized that people were not listing me in their blogroll because they did not see their site on my blogroll. I apologize for letting you down but if you take a look, you will see your names now. If you do not find your link, please let me know! Oh, don't forget to look in 'My Cool and Foreign Sites' because I have too many links in their to put on the homepage. Most of them are also in other categories, so I hope I got them all. Anyway, let me know.

Now onto the article. I have decided to introduce you to these different people by letting you know about their sites. I am going to have at least one per weekday for you to check out. I am going to start with JVERITAS.

This is a great site if you are watching carefully for news about the documents that have been found in Iraq. He translates what is found, even if it is only a partial document, so that we can see for ourselves and make up our minds if it was right to go in when we did. I do not believe that is his reason for doing this, but this is why I read it.

He does not always post. His last post is January 31, 2007, but keep checking back. That's what I do. It's nice to know someone cares enough to do this. Thank you, and have a nice day.

PS: This last post is about chemical weapons that were purchased between 2000-2003.

Update: Since this is the first one of this kind, I have decided to add a new label just for the blogs I will introduce you to. The label will be 'botd' which stands for Blog of the Day.' This way, you can find all of the blogs I introduce here (in case you miss them of them or want to find them again). Have a nice weekend.

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