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Monday, June 18, 2007

Blackfive (et al) turns 4 years old today!

Blackfive is one of the greatest milblogs in the whole blogosphere. Are you wondering what you can do to help in the war effort? Go to Blackfive's site. Are you looking for information on a member of your family or you have some information you want to share? Just e-mail Matt (from Blackfive).

Matt is a true-blue Patriot. He has worn our uniform, and he embodies the true meaning of duty, honor and country. Do you want to be informed or led around by the nose of the dinosaur media whom have never known anyone who has served, let alone served themselves? He is the one to seek out for help. While he has hung his uniform on it's hangers, he still serves us through his blog.

He also several very professional, funny, serious, humble and Veterans writing on his site. They are very near and dear to me as well. Uncle Jimbo even has his own "Friday Freely"! It used to be on YouTube, until they decided they did not want Military videos on their site.

LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU, YOUTUBE! You may find much better videos over at Hot Air!

Pardon the interruption, but I am very angered at that decision. I love those Friday Freely's.

Well, I started out to say Happy 4th Blogiversary today! I guess I got a little carried away as usual. This is the first Milblog site I ran into while we were receiving news from all the dinosaur media about how bad we losing. This started in Afghanistan! Ugh!

Thank you so much for your service, guys, and thank you for such a wonderful sight. God bless all of your families and you.

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