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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

American Patriotic Muslims

I just read an Opinion Journal article written by Irshad Manji about that poll that was taken by PEW company. We heard much about how 1 in 4 thought suicide bombings were acceptable, but we did not hear about what the rest of the implimications and answers were. I found it very interesting, and I think you will too. You may even by surprised by it. It is named, "Muslim Melting Pot; Once again, America beats Europe on assimilation."

There is an answer to many of the people who are wondering why they do not hear the voices of the moderate Muslims. There is one man, Dr. Jasser, who heads "American Islamic Forum for Democracy." He is a moderate Muslim, and I have gotten involved with him by receiving emails.

I do check out the articles against the facts. I would expect you to do so as well. After all, we do that with the NY Times, don't we? lol. But for most part, this is a nice man. Please show him some support. Thank you.

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