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Thursday, May 31, 2007

NRO vs. WSJ on immigration

Hey WSJ OJ, have you read the bill yet?

How dare you call conservatives 'cultural racists' when you haven't even read the 'amnesty' bill. Just because you want cheap labor and to treat people like slaves, how dare you insult me in this fashion. I am going to get my hands on that clip and post it here if I can. Paul Gigot, it turns out I was right about you. You never were a conservative. You should stop pretending you are.

The gauntlet has put out there. NRO is willing to debate the WSJ. Is the WSJ man enough to come out from behind their cozy little desks to debate, in public, this issue? Time will tell...tick tock...tick tock...tick tock...

Update: Pardon me. The title should read, "NRO vs. WSJ on Illegal Aliens." Thank you.

Update 2: A challenge from the National Review. A must read. It also includes the video of their meeting where they called us 'racists'!

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