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Thursday, May 31, 2007

My comment to Daniel Henninger

How unfortunate for Mr. Henninger that there was a tape running while the WSJ was spewing their uneducated slovishness. I was one of the people who heard this hatred of people who do want more than just money. This is the comment I left for him, just in case it is never printed.
We have your number now, so whatever you say is meaningless. That is a
shame, because you are an intelligent person. That is why it is shocking to hear the words I've heard you say about people who disagree with you, the almighty know-it-all.

Do you not realize your credibility is something which cannot bought? To call me a racist is very low, since you have no idea in the world who I am.

I'll bet you are not even man enough to accept the challenge by the NRO. I may be wrong. Will you? I know I am only one of several hundred thousand awaiting your response. Who knows? You may learn a thing or two from people who have actually READ THE AMNESTY BILL.
The NRO has challenged them to a debate on the so-called 'comprehensive immigration' bill. Now all we do is wait...

PS. He wrote this article: How About Amnesty for the Market?. Conservatives will pay a price for demoting econoimc forces in immigration.

Update: A challenge from the National Review. A must read. It also includes the video of their meeting where they called us 'racists'!

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