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Friday, May 18, 2007

Can the religion of Islam be seperated from the politics?

I have received an e-mail from American-Islamic Forum for Democracy, and their view is that it is possible. Serendip, I would appreciate it if you could read this and help my readers and me to understand more clearly if this is true. I really would like to believe so, but I have my doubts.

This could be for the same reason PBS and CPB denied the viewing of Islam vs. Islamists. (I do not know where to find a link to the actual film, just reports about it.)

While we are waiting to hear from these moderate Muslims, the media and the government is helping the Islamists to silence them. SHAME ON THEM. Please go to the AIFD site, and decide for yourself. Don't allow our media to dissway you. Thank you, and have a nice day.

PS: Serendip, if you don't mind, I would like to add your report when you send it to me. Is that okay with you? If you say no, then it is no. :)

Update: Serendip has read the article and been to the site, and here are her words:
Dear Rosemary: I read the post you asked me...I'm no expert on Islam by any means. Islam is not a uniform practice and ideology. There are hundreds of different interpretation of the scripture and denomination. Shia Islam is vastly different than Sunni Islam. Khomeinism is different than the original doctrine of the Shia. Many Shia believe Khomeinism is not true shi'ism. At any rate, the question we should be concerned about is which branch of Islam and it's interpretation has the political, economical, and grand plan to harm and destroy us? And the answer to that is Khomeinist Shia in Iran and the Wahhabist in Saudi Arabia who have all the cash and vast network of cells and intelligence to turn people against us ideologically and militarily mobilize them...That's what we need to focus on...Who is out to destroy our way of life in the name of any religion and has the means to do it. I hope I was helpful...Have a wonderful weekend and God bless. See my latest post and tell me what you think.


Hugs right back atcha! :)

She is a very sweet woman with a heart worth more than gold. If you would like to learn about Iranian living, her's is the site to read. You must be strong, though. It is NOT like living in the USA. No. Not at all. This is why people must open their eyes.

PSS: My dear friend Nathan is having another open trackback this weekend. This would be a good comparative article, since he has a Christian site. I would like to have as much input as there is out there. Thank you everyone, and God bless you.

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