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Friday, May 11, 2007

Are you worried about Islam? No need to be

There are many Muslims that do not subscribe to the terroristic features of Islam. There is an organization known as American-Islamic Forum for Democracy which is trying to cause reform within the Islamic community. This is where the change is going to have to occur.

I just happen to have obtained some articles that you may be interested in:
1] PBS's Islam Problem by Robert Peach in Commentary Magazine. May 6, 2007
2] Twin Visions: Moderates and Radicals wrestle for the soul of Islam in Minneapolis-St.Paul and beyond by Mark Bergin in World Magazine. May 5, 2007 (subscription only or article can be purchased).
3] A Glimmer of Hope by Gary Bauer in Human Events, May 4, 2007.
4] Free the Film that PBS won't let you see. by Deroy Murdock. Scripps Howard News Service. May 3, 2007
5] In Imams' Airline case a clash of Rights Prejudice, Security. by Alexandra Marks. Christian Science Monitor. May 2, 2007.
6] Recent television media: See our multimedia page for video of recent television interviews.
Above is a list of reports and citations. There is more from National Review:
A reaction to the 6 arrested for planning to attack Fort Dix.
News of the FBI’s arrests of six militant Islamists in New Jersey who plotted to kill our soldiers at Fort Dix was met yet again with the same tired responses of shock and dismissal from the mainstream media (MSM) and from major American Islamist organizations. An FBI agent poignantly noted that we “dodged another bullet.” The enemy is certainly rearming and germinating another cell somewhere...
The National Review has also written an article about this organization.
John Doe' protections urged for Fort Dix tipster.

By Audrey Hudson
Published May 11, 2007

The New Jersey store clerk whose tip led to the arrest of six terror suspects needs legislative protection from being sued as a "John Doe" or whistleblower, lawmakers said yesterday.
I have to come right back with the link. This obviously is not the National Review. It is the Washington Times. I have to publish this to discover where I went wrong. You know the old saying, you can't see what's wrong with it while you're staring at it! lol.

Update: Everything should be okay now. Have a great day.

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