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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Someone said something about something...

As I said, someone said something about someone. I don't know what it was, nor do I know when it was said. Nor do I care. So someone was little enough to say something little about someone. So what? It happens everyday. It does not affect me, because I do not allow it.

I do not listen to little people for this precise reason. So what if they say something so little? I do not have the time nor the desire to get my feathers all ruffled. The fact that so many do is much more of a dangerous problem that I see.

This is still a country where free speech is touted as a First Amendment right. That means everyone has a say. Do not listen to those who are so ignorant, and certainly do not allow them to take up a moment of your day.

We are facing annihation, and you really care what others think? That, my dears, is very dangerous. It is only a luxery we can afford when we have too much time on our hands...

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