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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Good news from Liberia

The UN voted yesterday, April 27, 2007, to take the label of 'blood diamonds' off the Liberian people and government. This is a very good sign that the country is doing much better since they were rescued by the USA in 2003.

Blood diamonds are diamonds that are mined by children and slaves. They are usually beaten, ill treated, and stolen from their families. It is a ruthless practice, and that is why I do not wear diamonds.

You may notice some of the same people fighting for the saving of Darfur wearing diamonds. If they tell you that they know for a fact that their diamonds are not 'blood diamonds', tell them they are liars. There is no way to tell. Especially since some of the countries that are allowed to sell diamonds use these blood diamonds! Liberia will not. This is step forward for everyone.

Source: CNN.

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