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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GOE: News you can use

April 6, 2007.
Iraq Veteran Tells It Like It Is .
My guest tonight on The Front Line is Paul Couturier, a veteran of the war in Iraq. He is a Captain in the Massachusetts Army National Guard, soon to be promoted to Major. Paul served as a Maintenance Officer with his Guard unit (a Maintenance Battalion HQ) in Iraq; the unit was deployed to southern Iraq from May 2003 to March 2004.

April 7, 2007.
A Message from Captain Larry Bailey, GOE Chairman.
Eagles: On Tuesday night I was interviewed by Jere Beery’s buddy Gene Simes on Stardust Radio. Throughout the interview, Gene tried to get me to agree that GOE and his group, Operation Fire for Effect (I think), were the same organization. Similarly, he tried to get me to endorse “mandatory full funding” for VA.

GOE has no business getting involved in issues that are controversial, even within the veterans community. We have a sacred trust with all of you, and, as a non-partisan organization with a very narrow focus, we will not break that trust. The bottom line is that we are here for one purpose: to counter the anti-American hatred spewed by those who wish to denigrate and dishonor our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. Period. [Continue reading.]

To Our Americans Serving In Iraq .
This ten minute video is one of the best messages to the troops I have ever seen. Many thanks to George Samek for bringing it to our attention (via Ace). And many more thanks to Bob Parks, Navy veteran, for saying everything that needed to be said. [Continue reading. Video included.]

May 19th - GOE’s Operation Recruiter Appreciation (ORA).
Greetings! As announced by the Gathering of Eagles Chairman on 6 Apr, GOE is planning to recognize the critical contributions of America’s military recruiters. Larry Bailey’s directive follows: [Continue reading.]

Date: April 21, 2007-Saturday
Time: Noon
Place: Phillip G. McDonald Plaza, Greensboro, NC

Below is a copy of the information concerning our next “IN THEIR FACE” RALLY! [Continue reading.]

Introduction by the XO of Gathering of Eagles.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Larry Hoffa, XO to Larry Bailey. I find myself in this position as a fellow Eagle who strives for the same goals with as much enthusiasm and dedication as our Leader and all of our Eagles. [Continue reading.]

April 8, 2007.
Lodging Update.
If you have not reserved a room in Washington, D.C. for GOE II, you need to do so as quickly as possible. Remember, there are going to be all the members of Rolling Thunder in town, Run For the Wall, and other organizations in town for the rally. Don’t get left out in Maryland somewhere! [Continue reading.]

Welcome to GOE Version 2.
As you’ve probably figured out, GOE has been redesigned. I’ve taken into consideration much of the feedback we’ve gotten from you, and hopefully you’ll find this site easier to navigate, more streamlined, and just plain better to look at. (If you do decide you like the basic layout, thank Heidi. She found the layout and I just made it pretty.) [Continue reading.]

April 9, 2007.
New Hampshire Eagle Event Went Off Without A Hitch!
Incredible! A huge shout out to the New Hampshire Eagles - who soared in the cold and snow!

From GraniteGrok: [Continue reading.]

The Two-Front War.
In two places, across the globe from each other, Americans are making history.

If your photos didn’t make it in to this one, never fear. I will be doing more videos. (All photo credits are up at the YouTube address.) [Continue reading.]

Wanted: Photos of GOE I.
I’m putting together a short, 3-minute film of GOE 1 to be shown onYouTube. The film will simply be a series of photos from all of you, set to a song. I’d like permission to use your photos. Anyone whose imagery is used will be credited. [Continue reading.]

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