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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Civil Rights and Human Rights are Real

I have been dealing with something for a very long, for my whole lifetime. I know about racism, civil rights being denied, and more. I lived through. I can guarantee to you that it is much better today in America these day, at least the way I used to experience it.

Today there is true racism, genocide, civil rights abuses, and crimes against humanity. Most of it is NOT being performed in America. It makes me angry, sad, and frustrated.

You see here in America, we have too much time on our hands. We must. We never look beyond ourselves, and NEVER expect your government to do what you should have been doing all along. Do not cry racism just because of the color of your skin when you are arrested for committing a crime! Damn it, you're guilty. Be a grown-up, like I was, and take your punishment. Heck, if you can't do that, then maybe you shouldn't be out there committing crimes, eh? (You really shouldn't anyway.)

There are so many people that need our attention, our voices. The media will not pay attention to that which they do not know. Where are the demonstrations for Darfur? They should be in every city every weekend until something is done. Forget the UN. They are a farce. They cannot even get together and call it genocide what is going on there.

We should not wait for them, yet you all cry for the UN. Why? You hamstring the president's hands, because he is a Republican. May I ask you something personal? Are you a bigot? A bigot is an ignorant person who would allow hundreds of thousands of people die because they do not like the political party of the president. You disgust me. You cannot claim that you care. You most certainly do not. I don't care what party White House. If they can save lives? I am for it!

There is slavery, genocide, real torture, real racism all over the continent of Africa being thrust upon them by radicalist IslamoNazi's. Do you care? Then stop being so quick to use the race card when you get stuck in a discussion with someone whom you disagree but cannot rebut their common sense reasoning.

Bottom line: Genocide in Darfur, genocide in the gulags in North Korea, imprisoning of homosexuals in Iran and Cuba and many countries, political prisioners truly tortured in Iran and Zimbabwe and China and Saudi Arabia and Egypt and many more countries, genitillia mutalization in the African and Muslim countries, children forced into prostitution and slavery in China and North Korea and Sudan and Africa and the Middle East and more countries, etc, etc.

If you think you've got it bad, why don't try living there? If not, why not try fighting for their freedom? You don't have to save them all. I know it can be overwhelming. Pick one. It's a lot better than being a bigot.

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