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Friday, April 13, 2007

Campus Forum on Islam and how to handle 'them'

I found a great article over at LGF today about a panel that was held last night. The panel included Yaron Brook (more quality information on him here), Wafa Sultan (see her famous video here), and Daniel Pipes. Very impressive panel.

Needless to say there protesters there, but this time it was different. If you want to find out how it was different, you must go to Student of Objectivism's and Infidels are Cool's sites to check out what happened. There are pictures and video as well.

Wow! I have just finished reading Exclusive Coverage Of Drs. Sultan, Pipes, And Brook At UCLA Panel Discussion On Islam With Protests [video/pics] *Updated*, and it is very good. Check it out. This is the one by Infidels are Cool. Have a great day.

Hat tip: LGF and Bereft.

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