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Friday, March 16, 2007

News about Darfur, Sudan

Darfur genocide tops U.S. list of world's worst abuses.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The continuing genocide in Sudan's troubled Darfur region was the world's worst human rights abuse last year, the United States said Tuesday in a global report that found freedoms eroding in many other nations, including U.S. allies Afghanistan and Iraq. [If the link does not work, try this one.]

U.N.: World must protect Darfur civilians from war crimes.
GENEVA, Switzerland (AP) -- U.N. human rights team said Monday that the Sudanese government has orchestrated crimes against humanity in Darfur, and that steps taken by the international community "have proven inadequate and ineffective." [If that link no longer works, try this one.]

U.S. prepares to sanction Sudanese companies.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush's envoy to Sudan said Wednesday the administration is preparing to impose new economic sanctions because of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir's refusal to allow U.N. peacekeepers to deploy to Sudan's war-torn Darfur region. [If that link does not work, try this one.]

Former rebel takes over governing of West Darfur.
KHARTOUM, Sudan (Reuters) -- West Darfur's new governor, a former rebel, arrived in the state capital on Wednesday welcomed by hundreds of supporters in a sign some aspects of an unpopular peace deal are being implemented. [If that link does not work, try this one.]

Source: CNN.

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