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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Iraqi Policeman stops chemical attack

Here is an article by Fox News about the terrorists attempt to use chlorine gas as a weapon, but an Iraqi policeman stopped them.
BAGHDAD — Iraqi police detained a man as he was trying to detonate an explosives-laden truck filled with chlorine in Ramadi, the military said Sunday.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon when a white cargo truck stopped near the entrance to a police station, about 150 yards from a water treatment plant in the Sunni city, according to a statement.

Police detained the driver after discovering the truck was rigged with more than two tons of explosives. Five, 1,000-gallon barrels filled with chlorine also were hidden under several 55-gallon drums, the military said.

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The driver was being held for questioning and the explosives were destroyed by demolition experts, the statement added.

There have been seven chlorine attacks launched since Jan. 28, when a homicide bomber driving a dump truck filled with explosives and a chlorine tank struck a quick-reaction force and Iraqi police in Ramadi, killing 16 people.

The use of the toxic gas in attacks has prompted the U.S. military to warn that insurgents are adopting new tactics in a campaign to spread panic.
It appears to me anyway that the Iraqis are standing up for their own defense. The only problem is, I have been seeing this for a long time now. It is sad that the people on the Left cannot or will not report these incidences...

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