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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Imposing the Law" in Action: Week III

Omar of Iraq The Model has given a wide-ranging overview of what he can see happening in his part of the world. He is a Dentist, therefore he travels through much of Iraq. He has been our strength and a source of information we would lack otherwise. He and his brother, Mohammed, are true treasures.

On with the news...

It is apparent that the Military and the political figures are working together (for a change). PM Maliki has stated that he will be announcing his cabinet reorganization. He realizes that his cabinet, as it stands now, is not operating properly due to divided loyalties that make it impossible to work for the greater good of all of Iraq. This is a welcomed step.

PM Maliki also held a press conference Sunday morning where he announced this:
In his press conference this morning, Maliki also announced that the Supreme Judicial Council will be issuing warrants against a number of politicians and members of parliament who have connections to militant groups that are involved in attacks on civilians and security forces.
It is about time! I hope he also throws all the Iranians (IRG) out of his government, and tells them to go back to Iran and never come back...

Both the USA and Iraqi troops are in Sadr City, and they are being met without resistence. However the Medhi (militia) 'army' is still trying to undermine this effort by spreading rumors about misconduct by US soldiers. What else is new, right? How much you wanna bet they can sell some juicy stories to the USA press? More time wasted on more unnecessary investigations...

Regardless of the reports of violence that we receive on a daily diet of negativity without context, here is a fact that is hard to ignore:
Violent incidents are still decreasing in number and impact in Baghdad. Yesterday for instance the only reported incident was the abduction of an adviser to the minister of defense by gunmen in western Baghdad. It was less than 24 hours until the security forces succeeded in freeing the abducted general and arresting 4 of his captors.
I'd say this is pretty astonishing! I'm grateful that the general was found alive and released.

There is still more to be read at Street Justice. Have a wonderful day.

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