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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday's MilNewsDay

Today I have been over at the RSS Feed of the Press Release for CENTCOM. I found some pretty good articles over there and posted them over at DoD Daily News. The first one I wrote is about how I feel about the Brits pulling out 1500 troops. That one was all my own opinion. I'm quite sure, since there are many who do not feel the same way as I do about this situation.

The next three are the Press Releases. I started with this one: ISF captures 2 terrorists 2/17/2007. It is only two paragraphs long, but it is about the capture of those 2 creeps that have been blowing everyone to smithereens. The next one is three paragraphs long, and it confirms some of the weapons caches they have captured. This has occurred since Operation 'Fardh al-Qahoon' began.

This next article gives only one paragraph, because there is more to it. What does that mean? I know. It sounds weird. Well, I like to keep the front page as brief as possible so when I have a longer article, I post it here. The title of this post is ISF, MNF presence provide stability. What were they saying about stability? I'll bet it wasn't this! Have a great day. I must go to my next project now. :)

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