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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chad, North Korea and Refugees from W. Africa

There is rising violence in Chad, according to an aid agency-Oxfam. They are urging immediately international intervention to help the situation in Chad. Read more. If this is no longer available, try this one.

There is much uneasiness in the so-called deal made with North Korea. There are no set timetables, and many of the six-party talks have their own agendas. The deal started to unravel before the ink hit the paper. Read more. If this link is no longer available, try this one. For the details of the deal, read here.

"The 400 migrants stranded off the West African coast for 10 days as the governments of two countries argued over their fate continued their wait on land and in the air Tuesday." This was on the 13th of February, and I still don't know if they settled on a place for these refugees. Read more. If this link is no longer available, please try this one.

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