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Saturday, January 27, 2007

My "to do" list. Go for it. lol

This will be a rather unusual post, since I am going to list links to the stories I've been trying to cover. Sometimes, I must admit, I do get overwhelmed. I copy the link and move on. My apologies. I hope you find some of these articles useful.

Monday, 1/15/2007.
Pakistan army destroys al-Qaida hideouts.

Wed. 1/17/2007
Michelle Malkin blogging from Iraq: LGF.

Sun. 1/21/2007.
UK Islamic Groups Organized Campaign Against "Undercover Mosque": LGF.
Media blackout: LGF.
Media Blackout Continues: "I Shot the Infidel": LGF.
Video: LGF.
All of these LGF’s are must reads.
The Islamic Society of Boston and Intimidation 101: LGF.
Benny Morris: The Next Holocaust Will Be Different: LGF.
A New Massachusetts Miracle: Wizbang.

Mon. 1/22/2007.
Afghans Pull Rambo-Style Moves In Defense of Camp: Blackfive.
For Queen, Country, and One Lance Corporal...: Blackfive.
Greyhawk's Surge: Blackfive.
Afghanistan Sit-Rep: Blackfive.
Bagpipes Cryin' - Navy SEAL Poem to Country Music Video: Blackfive.
Tancredo Pull: RealClearPolitics.
Three Bloggers in and about Iraq: Blackfive.
Iranian student leader: Ayatollahs will run if Iran attacked: YNet News.
Is American Support for Middle Eastern Dissidents the Kiss of Death? AEI.

Tue. 1/23/2007
A few Atlantic Review posts you might have missed due to the holidays, etc.

Thu. 1/25/2007
Axis of Evil Update: RealClearPolitics.
Honor Killing in Jordan: LGF.
1964 Lawman Racist caught: Fox News.
Another false reporter story? LGF.
Lebanon Burning: LGF.
Uranium Black Market in Georgia, EU: LGF.
New video of failed bomb attack at London on 7/11: LGF.

As long as I can get this out there, I can start fresh. These are only the links the I saved, mind you! I receive many feeds. Have a great weekend.

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