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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Conservatives...STOP IT!

Why is it when people do not get what they want, they start acting like 'children'? I'm serious. Children don't even act like this!

I believed elites were on the Left side, but I was wrong. Does it matter what college YOU went to in order to be 'acceptable'? Does it matter what law firm of which YOU become president? Does it matter of which pro-life organization YOU donate to? Does it matter to which paper you write YOUR support of the 2nd Amendment?

Apparently you have not read my article on "Keeping your shorts on!

President Bush has been a stealth guardian of these courts. Do you want to believe now that he would give us a Ruth Bader Ginsburg? You are losing your blasted minds, and I, for one, do not like it!

You are showing to me, a true conservative, the difference between the coastal elitists who we call "Country Club Republicans" (otherwise known as RINO's), and the real, down to earth, grass-roots, thinking Conservatives.

Allow the Left to have a fit. Don't give them your disappointment. I am disappointed, also. It is just that I trust the man that I trusted before he made HIS selection.

Do you really blow in the wind? If not, then STOP IT.