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Monday, October 03, 2005

Keep Your Shorts On!

Conservatives have a tendency to give up too quickly. While Justice Janice Rogers Brown, Michael Ludig, or any of the others we had hoped for, the President has nominated a woman who is not a justice, nor is she someone we know.

Let me ask you something seriously. How did you come the conclusion of liking the person you WANTED to be nominated? Was it from listening to talk radio? Maybe you watched C-SPAN? Have you noticed this woman has not had all the air time they have had?

What if she had? Would you support her then? Has President Bush let you down before, if you are his base? (I am not speaking of SPENDING! lol.) He seems to always have a trick or two up his sleeve.

Ease up. Breathe. Take another one breath. Keep doing that every few seconds. Let us watch, wait, and learn. Miss Miers may be a very good conservative, or she may be a very good liberal. Either way, disappointment aside, let us all wait and see. Do we really have a choice?