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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mahabad, Iran and Akbar Ganji consolidated

Mahabad, Kurdistan:
Update: Mahabad Iran
Update: Unrest in Iran
Protests, martial law, and NO NEWS, Iran
Mahabad, Iran in Serious Trouble
Fears for Kurdish Iranians

Akbar Ganji:
Fresh Look Into Iran
News from Iran 7/30/2005
Akbar Ganji as a Dissident
Iran: Behind the Iron Curtain

Iranian News:
News from Iran 8/18/2005
News from Iran 8/22/2005
"SPIEGEL online" Reports: Future of Terrorism.

There has been an addition to my team. He is an Iranian, and he is very concerned about his home. His home site is Price of the Freedom. He also teams up with me at Love America First. The title is not demanding of anyone. It just asks that you do not hate us first! lol.

He has written much about Iran. You may want to visit his site. He even has music! His name is "Korosh." (For those of you who do not understand the quotes around his name, thank God or whoever or whatever you believe!) Thank you, and have a good day.