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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorist Attack in London

Breaking News: 6 explosions on buses. Much confusion. Timed. Scotland Yard will have a Casualty Bureau open by 3:30 am, PCT. In 1/2 hour. Trains derailed. All transportation shut down. Do not call emergency unless your life is being threatened. Many casualties. Using pic axes to dig people out. OMG, PRAY!

Update: 8:50 am, London time of bombings. 6 subway trains, 3 buses. It is not a power surge, as first reported. Anticipate more attacks. Carbon copy of Mardrid? Blaming it on the G-8. Damn them all. Highly complex, coordinated attacks. Idiot talking on TV. Bush reassures Blair that we will help with intelligence. Any help they need.? Found evidence of explosive devices at one of the sites. Police riding all trains in NYC. If not possible, shut it down. These are just reporters talking, so take it for what it's worth.

Tony Blair: Leave G-8 in a couple of hours, then return at night. He is going to find out what is going on. Italy and Denmark are next. al Qaeda-type group claimed responsibility. Time to talk later about G-8. Our determination is greater than theirs. He is very shaken up. He was about to cry. 24 hours ago, he was giddy, so says Charlie Gibson.

Update 2: has many links and some e-mails from London. You may want to go there to find out more.

Update 3: Justin survived the attacks in London. You can read about his experience on his site. God bless your family and you, Justin. Hat tip to Alan from AK Land.

Update 4: As is normal when time passes after a tragedy, the news that was this morning is not the news of this evening. The number of dead is wrong. The number of attacks is wrong. I apologize for my errors. I have written this article to keep you updated. Thank you.