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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Spain-March 11, 2003 Bomb Report

Fausta from The Bad Hair Blog has an awesome translation of the report the commissioners finally gave, and it is interesting how we never even knew there was one ongoing!
As it turns out, one of the pollicemen involved in the investigation was the owner of the shop where the cell phones came from; his niece was in charge of translating the telephone conversations that the General Information Office was taping from the Islamic cells in Spain, AND his wife was one of the police officers that had access on 3-11 to the van in Alcalá where the Koran tapes found led investigators to believe the blast was connected to Islamic, not ETA, terrorists. That same policeman, Syrian-born Maussili Kalaji, was once a member of Al Fatah, and had trained in the Soviet Union as a spy.
I recommend this article (and this site!) highly. For those of us who are following the terrorists alerts, you will definitely find this interesting. Have a great day.

Update: I want you to read this article without prejudice. Just because this man is Syrian does not mean he is guilty of anything. I thought it was relevent only because the press tried so hard to keep this information from us. I meant no inference by it. Thank you.
Update: Here is another update written Friday, May 20, 2005.