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Friday, May 20, 2005

Update: Spain Train Bombing Investigation

Since I reported yesterday, there has been more disturbing news about the police officer, Agent Maussili Kalaji. Fausta from The Bad Hair Blog has continued to translate El Mundo into English for those of us in America (or other English speaking countries.)
According to today's story in El Mundo [available by subscription only], the apartment belongs to Syrian brothers Mouhannad and Moutaz Almallah, jailed for the Madrid attacks. In Moutaz's case, the police considers him a very important operative within Al Qaeda, and speculates that he might have worked as liaison between the terrorist organization and the actual terrorists in the attacks. The police agent who “liberated” the 3/11 cell phones [i.e., Kajali] has explained that the document [the sale of property from the Agent to the terrorist, my addition] originates from the 1998 sale of a different apartment to Moutaz.
Frank Gaffney has a more cautious take on this. Is it possible that it wasn't either one of those groups that set off the bomb? Why didn't they hand over the x-ray of the "lost" backpack for 3 months after the Judge asked for it? Why was his (ex-)wife the first officer on the scene of an investigation he was going to investigate? Many questions, not enough answers yet to come to ANY conclusion.

Even Arthur Chrenkoff has a few questions. He also has some links to very good articles covering this issue.

There is a fabulous chart over at The Adventures of Chester which ties together all the links that we know of so far. Please remember, they may not mean a thing. Then again, they may.

I would like to thank Fausta, who also wrote this and this. I would also like to thank Arthur Chrenkoff, Frank Gaffney, The Adventures of Chester, and BarcePundit, also who wrote this, this, and this. Have a great day, everyone!

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