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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Some News I wrote and should have written

I wrote a about the Military Families Relief Bill on the 14 of March. I have linked it for you again, so you don't even have to go looking for it. Please find your state to see if you can participate in the program for our troops with your tax refund or return.

I know a great blogger by the name of Jack of Clubs who has provided many blogs who have written articles on this topic. This topic is about the scam that many and I have been screaming about: Incumbent Protection Reform, otherwise know as Campaign Finance Reform.

It is a scam, and it finally hit the New York Post, of all places. As I promised him, I will be writing my own article on this issue. I just had to put in down for a while due to high blood pressure, which I never had before! Hehehe. I don't have it now, I was just exaggerating.

Look forward to my taking this article to heart, and taking these people whom I will name to task. I will also give us a channel to place our rage. You will have some, if you care about reading any blogs. You will have some, if you care about your free speech.