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Monday, March 14, 2005

Support the Troops with your Tax Return

Blackfive has uncovered another way we can support our deployed family members of the Military. Operation Homefront has information about the states which have bills, which are passing bills, which do not have nor are passing bills in regards to helping the families of our deployed men and women.

These states have passed a Military Relief Fund, and the Governor has signed it into law:
California, SB 1162 signed September 16, 2004;
Delaware, Executive Order #43;
Kansas, Executive Order 05-356;
Maine, LD 1742 signed May 11, 2004;
Michigan, SB 1269 and HB 5953 signed October 5, 2004;
Rhode Island, S2495 signed July 2, 2004;
South Carolina, S0767 signed September 17, 2004;
Vermont (when?); Wyoming, SF 0059 signed March 9, 2004.

These states have a bill pending, and you need to get on the horn and let them know you really want this opportunity to sacrifice for yourself so that those who are in harms way do not have to bear all the debt, heavy lifting, and sacrifice:

Alabama, sponsors: Sen. Gerald Dial (D) and Sen. Larry Dixon (R), SB99, current status-2nd reading in Senate on 2/10/05;
UPDATE: Bill has passed the Senate and is waiting for a full vote on the floor of the House. Then it goes to the Governor;
Arizona, sponsors: Sen. Richard Miranda (D) and Sen. John Huppenthal (R), SB1466, current status-consent calendar 2/21/2005;
UPDATE: I've spoken with a friendly lady who was very helpful. She returned my call from yesterday. Bill passed the Senate 29-0-1 person not voting on March 3, 2005. The bill has gone to the House which will decide during their caucuses to bring the bill up for consideration. You may follow this or any bill on the Arizona State Legislature website.
Arkansas, sponsor: Sen. Jim Hill (D), SB208, current status-passed Senate 2/03/05, passed House 2/10/05;
UPDATE: will go to Revenue and Taxation tomorrow, March 16, 2005, and then after the votes, the Governor will sign it into law!;
Colorado, sponsors: Sen. Ed Jones (R) and Sen. Morgan Carroll (D), SB05-052, current status-2/18/2005 Senate Committee on Appropriations Pass un-amended to Senate committee of the whole;
UPDATE: Passed the Senate and moved to the Appropriations Comm.;
Connecticut, sponsor: Sen. Andrea Stillman (D), SB728, current status-1/21/05-referred to Joint Committee on Vet. Affairs; also, sponsor: Sen. Martin M. Looney (D), SB580, current status-1/20/05-referred to Joint Committee on Vet. Affairs;
UPDATE: Both bills were given public hearings on 1/25 and 1/28;
Georgia, sponsors: Sen. Michael S. Meyer von Brernen (D), Sen. Tim Golden (D), Sen. Doug Stoner (D), Sen. Emanuel D. Jones (D), Sen. Terrell Starr (D), and Sen. Robert Brown (D). SR38, current status-1/26/05-Senate Read and Referred;
UPDATE: Favorably passed out of Appropriations Comm. 3/3/05. Georia's State Website
Hawaii, sponsors: Rep. Ken Ito (D), Rep. Rida T. R. Cabanilla (D), Rep. Pono Chong (D), Rep. Marcus R. Oshiro (D), Rep. K. Mark Takai (D), and Rep. Dwight Y. Takamine (D). HB111, current status-2/7/05-passed second reading and referred to the committees on FIN with none voting no and Rep. Hale excused.;
UPDATE: Couldn't get through, but here is the website;
Idaho, H0125, current status-Report to Tax Revenue Committee.;
UPDATE: sponsor: Sen. Barrett, bill has passed both houses, Speaker to sign today, March 16, 2005, then President of the Senate will sign, then it goes to the Governor for signature or veto. Website for Legislature;
Indiana, sponsor: Sen. David C. Long (R), SB0243, current status-1/06/05-first reading: referred to committee on appropriations;
UPDATE: Bill died in committee. Get on the handle!
Maryland, sponsor: Delegate David G. Boschert (D), HB416, current status-1/31/05-first reading Ways and Means Comm.;
UPDATE: Bill was read/hearing on the 2/2, but the next 2 scheduled hearings were cancelled;
Massachusetts, sponsor: Sen. Pamela Resor (D), DOC 853, current status-waiting for final filing;
UPDATE: Answering machines. Arrgg. :)
Minnesota, sponsor: Rep. Scott Newman (R), HF229, current status-1/31/05-comm. report to pass as amended and re-refered to State Government Finance;
UPDATE: Bill is still in Tax Comm. House website
Mississippi, sponsor: Sen. Travis Lane Little (R), SB3035, current status-passed Senate 2/03/05, 02/08 (H) referred to the Ways and Means;
UPDATE: No movement yet. Apparently they are waiting for YOU to call and place some heat up under those feet!;
Missouri, sponsor: Sen. Jon Dolan (R) SB295, current status-2/10/2005-second read and referred S. Ways and Means comm.;
UPDATE: Bill was voted out of Committee. It is on the calendar as of today, and it should be heard and voted on sometime within the next week. Senate's website, check back in one week;
New Jersey, sponsors: Assemblyman Joseph V. Egan (D) and Assemblyman Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. (D) A3330, current status-10/4/2004-introduced, referred to Assembly Military and Vet's Affairs comm.;
UPDATE: No movement. :(
New Mexico, sponsors: Sen. Joseph J. Carraro (R) SB490, Rep. Anderson also has a bill. Their current status-at the Sen. Finance Comm.;
UPDATE: Mailbox. Arrgg;
UPDATE 2: What lovely people! I received a phone call in return to my message on the same day I called. The lady was very polite and helpful. Both of those bills are not moving; however, there is a bill the Governor supports the bill written by Rep. Ed Sandoval, HB 484. To find the status and contact numbers and addresses, see legislative website;
New York, sponsor: Sen. William J. Larkin, Jr. (R) S00444, current status-1/14/05-referred to Investigations and Government Operations;
UPDATE: On March 8, 2005, the bill was reported and comm. over to the Finance Comm. To find the status of a bill, call 1-800-342-9860. To reach Sen. Larkin, call 1-518-455-2770. Also, here is his website.
Oklahoma, sponsor: Rep. Wade Rousselot (D) HB 1780, current status-passed House 2/21/05, first reading in Senate 2/21/05;
Oregon, sponsor: Committee on Veterans Affairs, HB2602, current status-2/23/05-referred to Vet. Affairs with subsequent referral to Ways and Means;
Pennsylvania, sponsor: Rep. Camille "Bud" George (D) H34, current status-Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness, 2/1/05;
UPDATE: Rep. George is pushing hard to get this bill out of VAEP, but he is in the Environment Comm. They must pass the budget before other things are going to happen. That is what the landscape looks like. His number is 1-717-787-7316; and
West Virginia, sponsor: Delegate Joe Delong (D) HB2506, current status-pending for comm. Assignment-2/21/05.
UPDATE: The bill has been moved to the Finance Comm. on February 24, 2005. You may follow the current status by calling 1-304-357-7800.

If you do not see your state on this list, I suggest you get busy! You can get in touch with me, and I will try to provide you with some numbers, but you have to do the leg work. Hey, come on, they are out there covering our backsides, it's the least we can do. God bless, and have a great day.

I am trying to get all the e-mails for the sponsors, but it is getting late in the day, and I live on the west coast. Some of the offices will be closed by the time I get to them. My work should be done by tomorrow. Please stop back then. Thanks.

PS. I would like to credit both Blackfive and Eric Schuller, at the Lt. Governor's office in Illinois. Blackfive made me aware of this important piece of legislation, and Eric gave me the information that I have shared with you. Thank you both.