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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Kept My Promise

Today I was on the since I awoke. It is very interesting work. I enjoyed it very much. I met some very sweet people and very busy people. You wouldn't believe how much the staff actually knows about the goings on in the legislative bodies.

Many of these staff are in favor of the Military Family Relief Fund. It does not mean that their governors will sign the bills presented to them, because-as we all know-you never know what is in a bill until it reaches your desk. However, I found this encouraging, except for maybe a couple states.

That is why I need you to e-mail the sponsors and show your support. Ask for the websites for the whole legislature, so you can also let them know, also, of your support. You know that when the public shows support for a bill, they usually act a bit faster (if at all!)

To what promise am I referring? The updates on the bills for the Military Family Relief Fund. Now when people don't feel like they are not sacrifing anything or that we are not at war because life is going on as normal, you can refer them to this bill or law. Once people get involved, it is hard for them to ignore the truth. Yes, they can sacrifice. Yes, they can get involved. Soldier's Angels is a fine organization which you can "Adopt a Soldier." I highly recommend them. Thank you for your patience, and have a great day.

PS. BTW, you may find the article which I am referring to here