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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Miss the debate? Michelle Malkin saves the day...again

I do not have CNN, nor will I get cable just to watch these morons perform their prepared 30 second sound bites. I want to have Real debates. But that's besides the point of this article. lol.

Michelle Malkin was live-blogging during this debate. She did a fantastic job. While everyone said that Rudy won, she is the only one who called it like it really is. No one won. Everyone said the same thing they said last time, there were no breakthroughs. No one stood out. There was no one-liner to go down in history.

I guess I didn't miss that much. I just wish they would make these debates available to ALL citizens of the USA. It isn't fair to have only people who pay for TV service to have access to the candidates. They are NOT the only voters.

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