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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Michael Yon: Death or Glory Part II of IV

Michael Yon used to be in the service, now he is out reporting the facts about what is really happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now he is in Iraq with the British Queen’s Royal Lancers. He has an amazing story to tell. Anyone who remembers the Brits who were kidnapped by Iran will not recognize these people. Nor will you recognize them by the stories the dinosaur media has giving us due to the fact that they have never actually gone to find the truth. They rely on terrorists or people who don't actually know the truth. Anyway, here is the link. Have a nice day.

Update: Michael has completed "Death or Glory Parts III of IV." If you would like to support Michael, you may purchase his new book, "Danger Close." (You may read the first chapter online through this link.) To purchase it, go to This is being sold by another publisher, but there are some with very good lifetime ratings (99%). You may want to buy it from Michael, but I could not figure out where the button is. Maybe you are a better sluethe than I. lol.

"Several chapters in "Danger Close" (first published in 1999) detail my early experiences with the press both favorable and unfavorable." (The book is on its 3rd Edition.)

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