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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I made a mistake

I made one of the most easy mistakes for which I should have known better. I invited someone to write on some of my other sites before I got to know him. It turns out that he and I just simply do not see eye to eye.

This would be alright, in most cases, but not in a case where I have been working so hard to educate people on Jack Idema's illegal imprisonment in Afghanistan. I'm sorry, but people need to know each other first.

To try to argue with me on this issue is like telling your wife she's fat after she has just lost over 100 lbs on a diet you invented! I'm just trying to make a point here without having to go into the what I really want to say. Let me just say, it would not be good.

I have fought to prove that 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano was innocent, and I WAS RIGHT. His so-called witness fell apart on the stand. Pantano was found not guilty, but he never should have been tried months after he had arrived home from Iraq. I mean, damn. What are these men supposed to do when we send them to war? Start dancing with the enemy? GROW UP, YOU MORONS.

Sorry, but I remember what it was like when everyone was against him, too. It still hurts me very deeply, even now.

No, I could not continue writing with this person, so you will not be seeing anymore links to his links to his site. Please accept my apologies, and I will try to scan these people much more carefully from now on. Thank you.