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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hajj Hameed, AQ-I's Chief Justice of Shari'ah, DEAD

There has been heavy clashes between AQ-I (al Qaida in Iraq) and the Old Guard (Baathists and nationalists) for the past two day in the Amiriya district of Iraq. We have heard that there were some clashes by the AP, but we were told that the Iraqi people rose up against the terrorists. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be true.

Omar, from Iraq the Model, has the real news about what is happening in his country. I chose to grab a hold of this little (big) tidbit:
One correction to the AP story, Hajj Hameed was the chief of the Sharia courts of al-Qaeda in Amiriyah, not the leader of the network. Only god knows how many innocent people were executed by orders from this terrorist. Whether killed by Baathists, fellow terrorists, good Iraqis or American troops….Good riddance! [Continue reading.]
I could not agree more. Squirm in hell, you bastard.

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