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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A glimpse at my 'work'

I have been over at my other sites again, and I have also added another writer to some of my sites. His name is Ronbo, and he certainly does speak his mind. I may not agree with the way he do so, but I will not censor him. After all, isn't that what we are fighting against?

Here are articles from DoD Daily News-2:
ANA aviators partner with U.S. counterparts. This is about a few Afghani pilots in the Afghanistan National Army working with our guys (actually, we are training them), and they seem to be enjoying it very much. They are coming along just fine.

US Navy Seabees improve Primary School in Ethiopia. This one is in a place where I have a soft spot for the people--the Horn of Africa. Our Seebees are working very hard at reconstruction, and they are paving the way for better relationships between our countries. I just love our guys!

Forensic science gives edge to warfighters. This is an article you are just going to love. These guys are a fabulous new asset. They do just as the title implies, they analyze the evidence right on the spot. We used to have to collect it, bring it in, do the paper work, send it off and wait for the results before we could act on it. Man, am I glad these guys are finally there. Yes, we've been better off with them right there. :)

New UK commander tells Iraqis 'We will stand by you'. The Brits have a new commander, and he seems pretty impressive. He reassured the Iraqis that the Brits were going to stay with them and support them for as long it takes. This was good, since some of them went home. He let them know that this was because they were not needed, because their section had been turned over their own ISF (Iraq Security Force). It is his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq.

First LAR always on watch, even in enemy’s nightmares. I love the picture in this one. These guys are ready to go and kick some butt! They patrol every night so that no terrorist has an opportunity to plant any IEDs. What happens if they run into someone trying? Yes, these guys are al Qaida's worst nightmare. lol.

Dragon’ Soldiers Seize, Destroy Bomb Factory. YEAH! It may not seem like much because there are so many, but each one that is discovered is one less that is available to the terrorists. Also, there is much intel that can be discovered in these places. Great job, guys! Keep up the great work, and be careful.

Airmen receive first AF Combat Action Medals! It is about time they started to recognize the importance of our Air Force. They even created a new medal, especially for the Air Force, so they could claim it as their own. (Each branch has its own special medal.) Recipients of this award: Maj. Steven A. Raspet, Capt. Allison K. Black, Senior Master Sgt. Ramon Colon-Lopez, Master Sgt. Charlie Peterson, Master Sgt. Byron P. Allen and Staff Sgt. Daniel L. Paxton. You'll have to read the article to find out why, but these guys are great!

Leaders, Wounded Warriors Celebrate Army Birthday at WRAMC. It was very nice for the DOD to remember those who are wounded, especially on the 232th birthday of the Army.

Marines Train Servicemembers in Martial Arts. This one is so cool. I always wondered why we didn't learn this skill, now I don't have to wonder. Check it out. They even have a 57 year old man getting in on the training!

NGAUS Notes and NGAUS: What's Happening in Congress? These are weekly reports for the National Guard.

Reconstruction Advisory Team working with Iraqis in Baghdad. When the surge began, there were not just Military men sent. No. There were also reconstruction people sent. They are small teams of experts that go out with the brigades. This gives them a better chance to see the whole picture, and they also get an opportunity to assess what is necessary to each sector. They are doing a great job!

Mukki places blame on USA for Golden Mosque and Turkish incursion. This is short a short paragraph (how fitting, lol) about this terrorist.

Iraqi Security Forces foil suicide car bomb attack. This a fantastic article. You cannot tell me the ISF isn't doing their job!

The Lion of Fallujah: Marine Corps Maj. Douglas A. Zembiec. He is one of our finest. He is also someone you should know. What a courageous, patriotic, honorable man and determined. He earned the Bronze Star for last battle. Rest in peace, dear friend.
Here is an article from Causes of Interest:
Jack Idema's free, now let's help him get justice. The title should make this article self-explanatory. :)
Here are some articles from Love America First-2. These are mostly written reprinted by CNN.
Billy Graham: Wife 'had a great reception in heaven'. What a beautiful, loving marriage. What a wonderful woman. May she rest in peace.

N. Korea: Atomic inspectors can return. Ho-hum...what next?

Four North Koreans get their wish. This is wonderful news, if they are not North Korean spies. I wish them (conditioned on their loyalty) all the best.

China taking on U.S. in cyber arms race. Let's keep selling our sovereignty to them so they go to war with us. Great and wise thinking...what stupid senators we have!

India escapes U.S. list of worst human traffickers. India has been an abuser of Christians as long as I can remember. This article, however, is focused on countries that are still involved with human trafficking, the penalties and names some of those countries.

Sudan accepts revised plan for joint Darfur force. I'll believe when I see it.

Advertisers not wary of 'Genocide Olympics'. No wonder. They've been punished for NOTHING. Not even trading with countries that have sanctions on them. Oh my, what a wonderful body that corrupt UN is, let alone our own congress!

Chad may allow peacekeepers on Sudan border. This is more believable, because Sudan has been attacking them also.

North Korea test-fires missiles. Everyone is claiming that it's only a regular missile, not a ballistic missile. And the point is?
So you can see I have not been just sitting around doing nothing. (I don't like using double negatives in a sentence, but I couldn't figure a way not to. lol) I hope you enjoy at least one article. Gosh, I worked hard to get them all posted! :)

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