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Monday, May 21, 2007

What a beautiful world in which we live!

It is so good to be alive in these trying times. Am I insane for believing this? I do not think so. What better time to be alive than that when you can actually contribute of yourself, even if no one shall ever know you existed. Yes, I do declare, this is noble.

Are there terrorists in my country? Yes, and we hunting them down. Are you keeping your eyes open? Are you helping in anyway? Then you are doing a fine job for your fellow man.

Are there gangs? Yes. Are you going to your Church, Synogogue, or Mosque, to offer our youth a better path? Are you spending time just being there for your own children? Then you are doing a fine job for them and your fellow man.

Are there diseases and disasters? Yes, but there always has been. Today we are finding the cures that God Almighty has created for us to find, and we are finding them. Take good care of your health by having early and regular check-ups. By doing this, you will be helping yourself and your fellow man.

Please do not forget that even--or espicially--through adversity is the time when we grow. We are living in historic times. How many people were aware that their mere existence would alter the course of history for the entire world? Now we must decide. Are we going for TOTALLY VICTORY or are we going to cut and run?

I know what my decision is to be. I am willing to fight for my country and the world. I shall be in prayer until this world war is over (even after), and I shall do what is required of me. How about you?

In the meanwhile, I shall be at peace with God and myself, I shall stop and smell the roses along the way, I shall be grateful for life itself, I shall talk to anyone about God--just as long as they wish to talk, I will serve our men and women through words of encouragement and other means, and I shall enjoy each and every day of my life.

THAT is what it takes to be an American, IMHO. Have a blessed day.

PS: I would like to share a site with you of a man who has recently gone to Afghanistan to fight for our very existence. He is moving from where he was to where he is going to be for a while. He is an excellent writer, and I really enjoy his honesty. I think you will, too. Please send him some of your very own encouraging words. The title of his site is "Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventure." Thank you.

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