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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Training, Restoring and Maintaining ANA

Afghanistan is still a very dangerous place, but our guys are doing a remarkable job. So is the Afghan National Army (ANA). Our Airmen are deployed for one year, and they are very proud of the job they are doing training these folks in areas of cleanliness, safety, repairs of machinery, etc. They are also achieving a great rapport with their counterparts.
"This place was in dire need of basic, essential supplies," said Staff Sgt. Falsen Cambre, a weapons embedded training team mentor. "The buildings had no plumbing, electricity or windows. We began supplying them with the basics needed to accomplish the mission."

Some of the depot's 140-year-old buildings house large machines that manufacture vehicle and weapon parts.

"We've given the buildings a 100-year upgrade," said Maj. Jim Wood, a facilities mentor. "We've repaired walls, both structurally and cosmetically, added windows, doors, roofing and electrical capabilities." [Continue reading.]
Many of the Afghanis have commented on how much they like us being there, but I guess you won't read about that too often. Keep stopping by here, and I will try to provide you with ALL the news. Not just the bad. Have a great day!

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